Draft registrations - World War I & II #general

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Recent posts have conflated draft registrations for these two wars.
Draft registrations for World War I are available for public
inspection at the NARA Regional Archives outside Atlanta. They have
also been microfilmed by the LDS FHC and are available through your
local FHC. In theory, the microfilms are also at the appropriate
NARA regional archive that services that state, and most are in fact
located there, though it would be wise to inquire before making a
trip. And the micros for half-a-dozen (mostly southern) states are
at the National Archives in Washington in room 400.
These documents cover men (whether citizens or aliens) living in the
U.S. 1917-1918 who were born as early as the early 1870s and as late
as 1900 (and may include others who lied about their ages to fall
within that group).
World War II draft registrations are not generally open to the
public. Whether they can be accessed by the registrant or his heirs
I do not know. While one person wrote:
"According to Loretto Dennis Szucs in her books "They Became
Americans", Ancestry 1998, and "The Source" with Sandra Hargreaves
Luebking, Ancestry 1997; these records are housed in the various
regional National Archives and may or may not be available, but should
cover men born between 1877 and 1897 for a registration that occured
on 27 April, 1942.", I find that it doubtful that registrations were
taken of men born as early as 1877, or that it stopped with 1897. I
would think that a more likely time period would be for men born
between 1890 (52 years old in 1942) and 1927 (18 years old in 1945).

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