FREUND and POLLAK #austria-czech

Linda Berkowitz <e-berkowitz@...>

I am looking for information on Abraham FREUND and his wife Anna
POLLAK; they operated a grocery store. I know that they had at
least six children, though I only know the names of three sons:
Jacob (born 1858), Joseph, and Alois (born 1854). I believe that
these three sons lived in Tabor, though Jacob was born in Votice and
Alois was born in Hresihlavy.

Jacob was married to Elizabeth HERMANN and they had a daughter, Ernst/
Arnost. Ernst/Arnost was married to Elsa MARKUS. Alois married
Mathylda FANTL and they had four children: Elsa, Irma, Rudolph, and
Heda. Alois and Mathylda took in Alois's brother Joseph because he
was handicapped.

Linda Berkowitz
Northbrook, IL

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