Names and Sedras #general

Aubrey Jacobus <aubrey@...>

Does anyone know the max statutory time allowed between birth and
registration in UK.
My mother celebrated here birthday on Feb 1st ( a day on which she later
married ) however her B Cert
gives the d o b as April 1st 1894 registered May 5 1894. My mother name was
Miriam a unique name in her previous family history and family lore has it
that the name is taken >from the Sedra of the week in which she was born.

Feb 1 1894 = 25 Shevat = Mishpatim = Exodus 21.1
Apl 1 1894 = 24 Adar 2 = Zazria = Levit 12.1

Neither seem relevant to Miriam - what does the panel think ?

Aubrey Jacobus

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