Does anybody know the Rytse Strafse Synagogue Berlin Germany #general

Eric Richard Sinclair <RichardSinclair@...>

Does anybody know anything about the Rytse Strafse Synagogue in
Berlin, Germany. This synagogue is referred to in an application for
membership on 14 August 1969 at South Manchester Hebrew
Congregation, Wilbraham Road, Manchester, England, as the place
of marriage for my paternal Grandparents, Adolf David SCHINDLER
(Avraham David ben Yaacov) b. 3 February 1901 Breslau, Germany
(Wroclaw, Poland), d. 14 June 1984 Manchester, England, and Signe
STEINSAPIR (Chaye Sarah bat Eliezer) b. 18 May 1906 Lund, Sweden,
d. 13 February 1994 Cheadle, England, on 5 July 1925. I am not sure
that I have spelt the name of the Synagogue correctly as the
application is hand written. I have looked in various books on Berlin
and searched the internet but to no avail. My Grandparents were
fortunate to have left Berlin and entered Harwich, England on 2
March1938 with my Father Siegbert SCHINDLER (Zevulun Yaakov ben
Avraham Dovid) b. 12 July 1933 Berlin, Germany, d. 3 February 1963
Manchester, England. I can only believe this was one of the many
Synagogues destroyed.

Richard Sinclair
Altrincham, Cheshire, England.

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