Other bits of info gleaned from City Directories #general


Howard Relles wrote--

I recently stumbled across an unexpected way of determining
married names of females. While scanning the Newark City
Directories (published almost every year >from about 1880 to
1965) for family names of interest ONE YEAR AT A TIME, I
came across LAST chronological references to several women
in which the name of the man they had just married was
listed. I wish you similar luck.
Last May at the State Library in Berlin, I forward and back-
ward, year-by-year, in the Berlin Address Book, tracking
my ggf. He first appeared in 1902, confirming other
information I had that he came >from elsewhere. Now, at
least, I knew about when he moved and therefore what
years to inquire about in which place.

Then, again year-by-year (well, I jumped 5 years at a time,
then narrowed it down to one-by-one when I saw a change)
I found in 1925 the given name in the listing changed from
his to my ggm's. Now I had a very close approximation of
his date of death.

My next step: Write to Landeseinwohneramt Berlin to see
what they might have on file.

A note: Be a careful about street names in the former East
Germany. Many were changed by the DDR, and were
changed again after the Wall fell. Locals know the history,
but I'm not sure where to find a written list.

Howard Rosen
Los Angeles

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