Schei as a first name #general

A. E. Jordan

Hello everyone -- can someone help with a name?

My great gandfater when he came to the United States wrote down (or told) the
clerk at the court for naturalization that his name was Schei JORDAN. That
was in 1894 when he filed his first papers. On December 31 1903 he is
naturalized and one paper still says Schei JORDAN and then there is a small
piece of additional paper that says Samuel JORDAN the name I know his as.

Anyone heard the name Schei? Was does it mean? What language is it? Any other
information on the orgins?

Also here a wild one, if he arrived in 1889 and filed first papers in 1894,
why did he not complete his naturalization until 1903? Was he slow, forget to
go back to the court or what?

Finally I have just spent the day in the Hudson County New Jersey court house
and if you need information about the experience email me and I can tell you
all about it. Some of them are very helpful. I got five sets of
naturalzation papers -- not much info on them either. I can tyell anyone who
is interested the content -- my papers date 180s-1900s.

Thanks in advance for a few replies. This system is great!

Allan Jordan

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