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I am trying to locate a missing branch of my grandmother's family.

Grandmother's oldest sister - first name not known - was a RZEPSKI from
the Kocubince/Kopyczynce area, district of Husiatyn in what is now
Ukraine. She may have been born in the village of Suchostaw (just north
of Kopyczynce). She married a man whose last name was LIPUT (LIPUTA?)
first name not known.

They had 3 sons all born in the late 1880s or early 1890s - Jan (John),
Anton (Tony) and Josef (Joe). John and Tony were in Canada for a few
years and returned to the "old" country around 1920 never to be heard
from again. Joe apparently died before 1920 under strange circumstances
but not as a result of WWI.

Would anyone with ANY information on this family please contact me
directly at s.r.chernoff@...

Thank you.

Rita Chernoff
Yorkton, Canada

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