Re: Jews in the Austrian Army #general


You wrote " If anyone has access to records of Jews in the Austrian army, .."

In my files are notes >from Jan. 2, 1998 >from Andras that he posted that he has
a list of the Jewish soldiers in WWI sorted by towns. Also a note >from Vivian
Kahn saying the FHL has 6500 reels of Aust.-Hung. military records. Pull their
postings >from the archive for greater detail. An Aaron Rosenberg also put in
some information at some point re: a key to the headings of the military muster
rolls. Write me back if you can't get the information, I only copied what is
personally relevant and don't know if the whole posting of these folks is more
usefull to you.

good luck! Linda Rakoff, Newton, MA

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