Re: New LDS Website - Need Belarus Feedback #belarus


To Carol, and others who might be interested:
Thank you for your posting, in which you referred to my LDS search. I went
back (early this morning) and looked for BASHEINS under International
Genealogical Index and Ancestral File. Mine are listed in both, but I saw no
section entitled "sealed to the church." Any suggestions about where to look
for that category? There are no microfilm numbers for my BASHEINS either,
which are listed, if they exist, with "submitter" information. Am I to assume
that the BASHEIN information was submitted by a relation who was a Church
member, and that the rest were posthumously converted to the Church of the
LDS? There is a reference to volume number, but whose volume, I am
wondering? Since I looked for any other family name that I could think of,
and found nothing at all, and then did the same for my husband, with no luck
either, I wonder what the nature of their submissions has been. I have a
suspicion that those listed in either file have converted, or have been
converted posthumously, or maybe were "identified" by a church member as
Any thoughts? Thanks in advance.

Miriam Camitta
Wynnewood, PA

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