BOYARSKY related to ALPERT? #general


I have just received the 1902 naturalization record of Harry BOIARSKY of
Sumner Street, E. Boston. He was a clothier, in business with Isydor BOYARSKY
of 13 Maverick Sq. One of the witnesses to Harry's naturalization was Abraham
ALPERT, and a witness to Isydor's 1904 naturalization was Sam ALPERT or
I am trying to determine if Harry BOIARSKY is my great-uncle. The
naturalization application says 'Poland,Russia' for place of birth. A great-
aunt, Fanny BOYARSKY, married a Jake ALPERT, who owned a movie theater in the
Boston area. It seems there should be a connection!
If anyone can enlighten me, please email me privately. Thanks!
Sue Seales
searching: BOYARSKY, Grodno FREEDMAN, Siluva, Lith. BLUESTEIN,
ROSENTHAL, Wegrow, Poland ROSENTHAL,Odessa ZELENY,Odessa

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