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You writ: The Calendar info on JewishGen confirms that the my gf's death
after sundown
Aug 1, 1903 was Tisha B'Av

Is this date good? I think that 9 Be-Av Htrsag(5663) was on 3 August 1903
and not on 1 August, Pleas check it ( I don't have a Jewish calendar from
1903, but if you know that every 19 years the same days and dates come beck
you can check it with the Ancyc.Judaica if you go beck >from 1922 -19 = 1903
).But of course I can do also mistakes.
"The Comprehensive Hebrew Calendar" by the late Arthur Spier (Feldheim
Publishers, 1986) confirms that Tisha B'Av (9 Av) 5663 fell on Sunday 2
August 1903. (And therefore it started the previous evening, 1 August.)

Although the Hebrew calendar includes a 19 year cycle, it is not true to
say that the correspondence with the civil calendar will repeat exactly
every 19 years (although it is only likely to be out by a few days).

There are two reasons for this: firstly, the civil calendar itself is
not regular (it will only repeat exactly every 2,800 years); secondly, a
number of extra adjustments need to be made to the Hebrew calendar
(adding or subtracting a day every few years, according to prescribed
rules), principally to ensure that certain festivals don't occur on
inconvenient days of the week.

For those who are interested, the book I mentioned above describes the
operation of the calendar in great detail; I am sure there are also
plenty of resources on the Web (try looking at the "Calendars" category
on Cyndi's List ( http://www.cyndislist.com ).
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