Re: Additional Revision 1818 in Russia 5/26/99 #belarus

carol lipson

For a while, there was a Shchedrin subgroup, and they sent me a pile of
materials. Some of it was xeroxed >from the Jewish Encyclopedia, under
Shchedrin. Some was >from a small book published by a family from
Shchedrin. My husband's Lipshitz grandfather, who came >from Shchedrin,
also passed this information to us orally. I would bet there are some
leads off the Belarus web sites online.

Carol Lipson, Associate Professor,
Writing Program, Syracuse University

Peter B. Golden wrote:
I was very interested to learn that Shchedrin was founded by
Hasidic Jews.
What are the sources for this ? My grandfather knew the town in the
1880's-1890's. According to him, many of the Jews there were farmers. Any
info on this ?
MODERATOR NOTE: If anyone has information about Shchedrin (or any other Belarus shtetl for that matter) and you do not se any information about
it on the Belarus SIG website, please submit the material to Risa
Heywood, our SIG webmaster. If possible, be sure to send it as an attached wordprocessing file or in the case of photos, JPEG files. Generally,
publications older then 75 years old (such as the 1903-1906 Jewish
Encylopedia) do not fall under the copyright restrictions.

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