Re: Ellis Island Searchable Database #general

Jennifer A. Dropkin <jdropkin@...>

The exact database web site is, and links directly to it.

I found four names of people to whom I was fairly sure I was related on the Wall of Honor.

The database can be searched, but only with exact spelling, and the location information
is only by country, which is also not standardized (but is still helpful).

I asked the Ellis Island Foundation to notify those who posted the names I was searching that I would like to
hear >from them. Of those requests, one poster declined to respond, one had moved, and two got in
touch with me. Those two posters were indeed relatives. We have reclaimed some
history and found new mysteries to research. We have become acquainted. And all it took was an
e-mail to the Ellis Island Foundation asking them to send along my name and address.

I would say that the database is worth using. It can be a long shot, but the payoff is
Jennifer Dropkin

This may be old news to many of you, but I have just discovered that the web

has a searchable database of names on the Wall of Honor at Ellis Island. >
Shirley Flaum
Houston, Texas

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