"Ahuva Nechi" #general

Judith Romney Wegner

I asked someone knowledgeable to write my daughter's name in Hebrew letters.
It is my
understanding that my grandmother's name was Nechi ... The name Achuva was given to me by someone (I don't
remember who) as an equivilant to a male name. ... Does anyone recognize either of those names as legitimate
Hebrew names?
Selma Ring Prager
Springfield, NJ.

Nechi is presumably a nickname for
Nechama (a well-known Hebrew girl's name, meaning "Consolation"
(sometimes shortened to "Chama" in Yiddish).

"Achava" and "Achuva" are actually Ahava and Ahuva (i.e., these words are
spelled with heh -- not het or khaf). Heh has the regular "h" sound, same
as in English. While Ahuva IS a common girl's name, Ahava is not common,
though theoretically it could be a name too.

Judith Romney Wegner

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