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Charles F. Printz <cfphrai@...>

Morning, JewishGen colleagues -

Finally back after absences for business, and desiring to ask your
advice for a friend who believes his grandparent's true ancestry may be
Jewish in whole or part. My friend's name is Dr. Virgil Kovalenko of
Salt Lake City, Utah.

I have done a Family Finder search on his family already, and will
shortly be posting his data in the Finder's Data Base. In the interim,
he asks if anyone knows anyrthing about this family and can provide him
with information a/o basic insights.

(1) TUBALOV, Maria Fedorovna of Kharkov, Russia [Ukraine];
Name may be known as - TUBOLOFF, TOOBOLOV, TOOBALOFF.

Died - Melitopol,Ukraine, circa 1923; Buried in original
central cemetery next to husband, KOVALENKO, Nikolai Kuzmich

(2) KOVALENKO, Nikolai Kuzmich - Kharkov, Sumi, Feodosia or Melitopol,
Russia [Ukraine]. Also - KOVALENKO, Kuzma of Kharkov, Russia [Ukraine]

Nikolai died 1905 during revolution. At death, he was station master
on railroad north of present city of Melitopol.

The central cemetery was eliminated when city expanded.
All interred were reburied in common graves outside of city limits
near present site of small (name ?) Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

As my friend, Dr. Kovalenko, is a Mormon and in SLC he is already trying
the Mormon Family History facilities. What he suffers >from currently is
info >from the Jewish vantage point on the area/s cited and the names.

E-Mails can be posted back to me <cfphrai@...> a/o Dr.
Virgil Kovalenko <vasaa@...>, or posted to the Discussion Group,
if of common interest to others.

Best regards,

Chuck Printz,
Elizabeth, NJ/USA
JFF Research No.7493

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