Thankyou Re: Liberale Synagoge Rykestrasse 53 Prenzlauer Berg #general

Eric Richard Sinclair <RichardSinclair@...>

Hi Jewishgenners,

Thank you so much for your help concerning the Synagogue that my
married at. I am sure many of you will understand how grateful I am
especially when I never envisaged that any Jewish premises had
survived the Nazis particularly in Berlin of all places or even
following= the wall East Berlin. The fact is that the Liberale
Synagoge Rykestrasse 53 Prenzlauer Berg Berlin Germany still
exists and can be contacted on 30 442 5931. The Cemetery is
situated nearby.

I have been able to or have sufficient information to follow
all of the branches of my family except I thought SCHINDLER. Now
all being well, I will be able to find out more information about
my Grandfather and the rest of his family.

Richard Sinclair
Altrincham, Cheshire, England.

KHAN / KAHN in Latvia / Lithuania / Russia / London, England - LAZARUS
in Berlin, Germany - PACYNA / SCHINDLER in Wroclaw, Poland / Berlin,
Germany / Manchester, England - PLAGERSON in Lithuania / Russia /
Manchester, England - SEABERG in Dublin, Ireland / Manchester, England
/ Pembroke Dock & Swansea, Wales / Tukums & Riga, Latvia.

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