Porges #austria-czech

Edna Berkovits

Dear Randy,
Thank you for reminder about the PORGES site.
In June, 2004 there was a post to the Jewishgen list about this site >from
Antoine Porges. At that time I was aware that there is a distant
relationship between my GRUNSPAN family and the PORGES family: my great
grandfather's niece, Cecile THEUMANN, married Fernand PORGES in 1898 or
1899. On the web site, I found photos of Betty THEUMANN (nee GRUNSPAN), her
husband Jules, their daughter Cecile, and more. I also found photos of
their family burial stones in Paris, with many useful dates.
It is a site with lots of interesting history.

Edna Berkovits
Teaneck, NJ

researching GRUNSPAN - Uhersky Ostroh, Wien, Prague
BERENZ - Assenheim, Boenstadt
WEISBECKER - Fischborn

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