Aborted ship crossing mystery #general

Dianemail <dianemail@...>

My gparents emigrated in Oct 1923, Liverpool to N.Y., on the
Caronia (Cunard Line). This is corroborated by various later

Now, here is the mystery:
PRIOR to that date they left Liverpool on another ship which was
turned back. Either it "hit an iceberg" or suffered a fire.

I don't know if the first ship was also a Cunard vessel, but I
think it is a rational guess (?). How do I go about looking for
a ship which didn't complete it's crossing, and further, how
can a find a passenger list for a ship which didn't arrive?
(Cunard web site can't do reseaarch)

IF they were stranded in Liverpool could they have been helped by
HIAS? Are there records for this sort of thing in 1922-1923?

Thanks for any tips

Diane Newman
Berkeley, Ca.
Searching: WOLFSON, GULANTE, NACHMAN >from Rogatshev and Bobriusk
LITVIN >from Gomel

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