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<< The fact that a person bears the name Katz does not necessarily indicate
that they are a cohen. My son-in-law's family name is Katz and he is not
a cohen. His family acquired the name, apparently for one of the reasons
for name change common in Eastern Europe during the last century.
==True, I know a Rabbi Cohen (Northanpton UK in the 1940's; Kfar Mordecai,
Israel, in the 1950's), who's a Levi. For the reasons you state. My
suggestion was not that all Kat's are cohanim, but that the words haCohen may
*possibly* be left off a stone if the status is otherwise indicated, by the
spread hands or by the appreviation Kaf Tzade--which ALMOST always indicated a

<<The descendants of a cohen who marries a divorcee or proselyte are not
cohanim, those of a physically impaired cohen are. >>

==Thank you, that what I woulkd have deduced; I'm greateful to you for
pointing it out more clearly.

Michael Bernet

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