Sherbrooke, Quebec: Ostropol on the St.Francis (river) #general

Stanley Diamond

The current issue (Number 12, Spring 1998) of the *Journal of Eastern
Townships Studies* (JETS) contains an article of interest to all
Jewish genealogists with ties to this small city, 100 miles SE of Montreal.

The article, entitled "Ostropol on the St. Francis: The Jewish Community
of Sherbrooke," by JGS of Montreal member Michael Benazon, traces
the 120-year history of Jewish settlement in Sherbrooke in Quebec's
Eastern Townships. This Jewish community was in large part founded
by people >from Ostropol in the Ukraine An expanded description of the
article is available on the Jewish Genealogical Society of Montreal
website at

The website also includes more information about the author and the
address where the journal may be purchased.

Stanley Diamond, Montreal
"Genealogy with an extra reason" ... Beta-Thalassemia Research Project

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