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Soon we will mark the first anniversary of the Jewish Records Indexing-
Poland’s (JRI-Poland) Shtetl CO-OP program! We now stand at 51 Shtetl CO-OPs!
With the support of the Shtetl CO-OP program (
<A HREF="">Shtetl CO-OP
Initiatives Page</A> ) and the new Polish State Archives Program (
<A HREF="">JRI-Poland Press
Release July 14, 1998</A>) the JRI-Poland database now contains over 350,000
records!! I would not be surprised if we reach 500,000 by the end of December

There are so many people to thank for our achievements. There are the Shtetl
CO-OP leaders and their many volunteers who hail >from all over the world. The
project is truly a global program. Our Shtetl CO-OP leaders represent 5
Countries, 11 States, 2 Provinces. The volunteers come >from every continent
except Anartica. I am still looking for some more southern hemisphere Shtetl
CO-OP leaders. There are other groups which support this program. There is
the Quality Control Team that reviews the data for errors and the database
team that adds their finishing touches before the data goes live. Of course
there are the tireless efforts of our Database Manager, Michael Tobias, our
webmaster, Steven Zedek and our Project Coordinator, Stanley Diamond. There
is the support of the JRI-Poland board and our hosts Jewishgen. Many thanks
to all!

Don’t just sit there! Does your family originate in Poland? Look at the
list of Shtetl CO-OP groups ( <A HREF="
plin.htm">Shtetl CO-OP Initiatives Page</A> ). If you find your town of
interest listed then contact the coordinator and offer your help. Can’t
find your town? Then download the list of Polish towns that the LDS has
microfilmed. (<A HREF="">LDS
Polish Jewish Microfilm Lists</A> ) If you find your town on the list and your
willing to get to work then contact me and we’ll sign you up. We have a Step
by Step guide on how to form a shtetl CO-OP. Check it out, it has many
helpful tips. <A HREF="">Shtetl CO-
OP Step by Step Guide Page</A>

Hoping to hear >from you

Hadassah Lipsius
JRI-Poland Transliteration Coordinator.

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