Searching: ADLER descendants (Kelme to Israel) #general

Roy Ogus <ogus@...>

I am trying to locate the descendants of a family that lived in Kelme,
Lithuania, prior to the Second World War.

The family name was ADLER. The family owned a bakery in Kelme, and also,
the Jewish library in Kelme was located in the ADLER house just before the

The father of the family was apparently active in the Zionist movement, and
the father served for a long time as a member of the "Parents Committee of
the Tarbut School".

I'm not sure how many children they had, but I do know of two daughters.
Esther made aliyah to Israel in the early 1930's. Before the outbreak of
the War, a second daughter, Leah, lived in Kovno. At the start of the war,
she was put in the ghetto, and then sent to a concentration camp in
Germany, with other Jews >from the Kovno Ghetto. She went through the
tortures of the Camp, but miraculously, managed to survive the war. After
the War, Leah, went to Israel, and apparently was living in "Holon".

I presume the rest of the family perished with the rest of the Kelme Jews
in the Holocaust.

I would like to find out whether Esther or Leah are still alive in Israel,
or whether I could make contact with any of their families. I
unfortunately have no further information as to what their married names
may be (presuming they did marry), so this posting is somewhat of a long shot.

At any rate, if anyone can help me locate Esther and/or Leah ADLER or their
descendants, I'd appreciate hearing >from you.


Roy Ogus
Palo Alto, California, USA

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