Re: Tracing a Kohen #general

Dick Plotz

Stan Goodman wrote:

 It is much less complicated than you appear to imagine. If a
 man is a Kohen, his sons, all of them are also Kohanim. There
 are no other rules for the transmission. It moves in the
 paternal line only, never in the maternal.

On Wed, 2 Sep 1998 COL HARRY E STEIN wrote:

 I ask for assistance in tracing the designation of "Kohen" through my
 family tree. >from the Polish gravestone of the brother of my
 gggrandfather, there is the inscription "Moishe The Kohen". The
 inscription "Kohen" does not appear on the gravestone of my
 gggrandfather, grandfather,nor father. (SNIP)

Stan's correct explanation nevertheless ignores the fact that while the
designation of "Kohen" is simple and unambiguous, the term "brother" is not.
If, for instance, Harry Stein's gggm married twice, the second time to a
Kohen, Harry's ggf could well have used the surname of his stepfather and
regarded his half-brother as a brother, but that would not make him a Kohen.

Dick Plotz
Providence RI

MODERATOR NOTE: End of thread (bis).
This post gave a new angle on the question.

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