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Shalom Mandelbaum <shalom@...>

Stephen Warshall wrote:

I am trying to translate parts of a Yizkor book and need
help with a few Yiddish words:

1. a broken-down wagon is described as "tsushedikt"
reasonable; German zerschaedigt, beshaedigt = damaged
2. a collapsed horse is described as "gepeygert"
PEGER (pei - gimel - reish) = carcas > gepeygert = died
3. several groups of Jews are mentioned: shopkeepers,
butchers and "konyukhes"
dont know, would help to see context and spelling
4. a large public space is called a "rebeleh"
dont know, would help to see context and spellingcould be derived from
Reshuth Harabim = Public Place.
The way you have it written it sounds like the deminutive of Rabbi.

Shalom Mandelbaum

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