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haim harutz <yairharu@...>

Finally someone has written a letter more clearly and succintly than I
myself could have done and has, for the most part, raised a problem which I
have raised in the past but much lesss clearly. Mr David Snyder, I thank
you very much for your posting on Jewish names and their "origins". I can
only hope that this has some beneficial effect on people who post queries
(sometimes previously frequently answered) on the "meanings" of names in
other languages. I must admit that I myself, unfortunately, on occasion,
fall into Mr Snyder's second category, (i.e., those who wish to prove their
own erudition, justified or not, rather than give direct answers to too
frequently asked questions). I gladly take note of your comments, and hope
that others of my ilk (of whom there are many, unfortunately) will also
take note.

If all these people take note of your comments and make use of the tools
existing within Jewishgen and in other places, it would save a lot of time,
space and effort within the Jewisshgen Digest for most readers, as well as
cut out a lot of wasted effort on the part of the overworked moderators
(may God bless them for their patience!).

In short, Mr Snyder, God bless you too!

All the best,
Chaim Charutz.

MODERATOR NOTE: And while He is bestowing blessings,
may many fall on your head.

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