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Elizabeth Glynn <eliglynn@...>

I have been trying to get information regarding my grandfather, Harris
JACOBSON, and his family, and hope that perhaps some Jewishgenners can
help me. According to the Federal Census records, my grandfather,
Harris Jacobson, was born in "Russia" in 1871. However, I was always
led to believe that he was born in Latvia. He married Frances (Fanny)
AXELROD in New York City in the early 1890s. They had five children -
Arthur, Mary, Bertha (Bud), Rose, and Elsie. I would like to find out
exactly where he was born, i.e., town, country, etc

Would anyone know whether Latvia was considered part of Russia in 1871?
I would greatly appreciate any information regarding this family.
Please respond privately to Thank you very much.

Nahama Glynn
Seattle, Washington

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