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Jay A. Palmer <jpalmer2@...>

Konyukh is the Russian word for stableman/groom, supporting the reader who
suggested this as a Yiddish word, as well.

Funny note -- first thing I thought it sounded like was the Yiddish "ken
yikhus" -- people of no pedigree, or "no-accounts". wrote:

I am trying to translate parts of a Yizkor book and need
help with a few Yiddish words:

1. a broken-down wagon is described as "tsushedikt"

2. a collapsed horse is described as "gepeygert"

3. several groups of Jews are mentioned: shopkeepers,
butchers and "konyukhes"

4. a large public space is called a "rebeleh"

5. an impromptu flag is tied to an "eteseh"

6. a clumsy foolish fellow is called (among other names) a "latutnik"

7. Weinreich's dictionary says that "kitka" means a bit of putty, but
that doesn't fit in my context: a dancing Hasid is clapping two of
them together. Is there another meaning for the word?

Thanks in advance. I can make shrewd guesses about most of these, but
I hope somebody in this talented group really knows.

Stephen Warshall <>
Gloucester, MA

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