KAVALSKY from Lithuania and Baltimore #general

Steve Cohen <scohen@...>

Dear Jewishgenners:

For those of you who haven't tried to get an ancestor's Social Security SS-5
record, please do: I just learned >from my great-grandmother's record that
her mother's name was Sara KAVALSKY, a surname hitherto completely unknown
to me.

Thus I am searching for all KAVALSKYs >from the area around Prienai,
Lithuania. The name KAVALSKY only appears 9 times in the Social Security
Death Index: three of the people listed were >from Maryland. My
geat-grandmother came to Baltimore, and my grandmother was born there.

So if you have the surname KAVALSKY, have ancestors >from Lithuania, or from
around Baltimore, I'd llike to hear >from you!

-Steve Cohen

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