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Ruffin R Cooper <rrcooper@...>

In response to the request for experience in requesting SS-5
records >from the Social Security Administration I would like to
share this with you. I believe the Greene Street address is the
correct one. I sent 2 requests early in July, separately, check
included. The first one just came back after about 8 weeks. The
second has not returned as of today!. Now, here is the funny
part. In early August, 4 weeks after the first requests I sent a
third request. This one was filled and back to me in 12 days!
Explain that one! Anyhow, >from now on I am going to use the form
suggested by Allan Rosen yesterday, giving them 10 days. Maybe
that will work.

Bob Cooper

Searching for NEUFELD, STERN in Hungary and New York City.

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