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A search of YAHOO shows that the phone number is 1-800-849-1825.
The address is 45 E 33rd Street
New York, NY 10016

There are two web pages: (for the paper itself) (for a bulletin board which
lists contact address

The paper is now a weekly and published in English.

Hope this helps!

---"Traci S. K. Thysell-McPherson" <tracibear@...> wrote:

I just found out the most incredible story about how my grandmother
reunited with her family. It had to do with the Jewish Daily
My uncle tells me that the publication is still in existence in NYC.
tried for an hr today on the internet at work to find a listing,
address, web page anything, but was unsucessful. Is there anyone in
who would be willing to look up an address for the Jewish Daily
or a way of contacting them? Maybe they are owned by another
Does anyone have any info. or suggestion?
Any help would be appreciated.

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