Racine, Wisconsin #general

Gillian Zebaida

Is there anybody in Racine who can help me? I have the name of a cemetery
-Beth-Medrosh-Hagodal. Is it still open? I would very much like a
photograph of the grave of a great-aunt. Her name was Etta Shovers and she
died in 1946 and was the wife of David Shovers who was aged 75 at her
death. I would also like to know whether he is buried next to her in which
case I would like a photograph of that grave as well. I would be more than
happy to reimburse any costs involved. Any help or leads would be greatly
Gillian Zebaida.
Researching: AMERIKANER (Ickelheim), BLUMENTHAL / ROBBINS (San Francisco),
(?Grosskrotzenberg), HERZBERGER / NORDHAUSER (Wustensachen),OPPENHEIMER
(Worms), HIRSCHMANN / SCHMIDT (Grosskrotzenberg) REUS (Reis/Reiss),
SHOVERS (Racine, Wi) WERTHEIMER (Mannehim), ZEBAIDA (Iraq/USA)

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