Hoboken, NJ 1910 Federal Census #general

A. E. Jordan

I have several pages >from the 1910 Hoboken Federal Census. (I would have
posted the names but our moderators seem to be frowning on that now.)

If you are looking for someone >from Hoboken, New Jersey >from 1910 please let
me know and I will tell you if they are on my pages. Conversely if you have
some Hoboken pages could you do me a favor and look for anyone with the last
name of JORDAN, (Jacob) JOSEPH, LUBASCH, (Otto and Tillie) PRICE or (David and

Because the 1910 Census is not indexed I tried the city directories and my
family is not listed in the places the city directories say they lived -- go
figure. Hence I am searching Hoboken strret by street right now -- feels like
I am there walking the streets!

Thanks for your help!

Allan Jordan

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