Nowei Korczyn (Neustadt), Poland #general


This is the town my husband's grandfather, Isidor FOX, was from. Is anyone
else familiar with it, and if so, would you know what it's called today, or
rather, of which modern town/village/city is it a part today? >from looking at
a map, my hunch is Wejherowo [this name if >from a Rand McNally World College
Atlas (c) 1985], which is just northwest of Gdansk, Poland. I know there is at
least one book that may help me answer my question. I was just wondering if
anyone can give me a quick answer while I'm here. Thanks.

Gail Copeland
Thornhill (Toronto), ON Canada

MODERATOR NOTE: Go to JewishGen Shtetl Seeker. You will find listings
for both names. If you click on the highlighted coordinates you will
be able to see it on a map. It can be accessed >from our homepage: Under the heading RESEARCH you will find
DATABASES. Click on ShtetlSeeker.

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