off to Russia but not Belarus #general

Lee Gaal <Leen@...>


Thanks for your help in early August (8th), with publiscizing my quest.
I decided yesterday not to go to the "wild West" of Russia, near
Belarus, because of the instability. Instead, I'll stay with my
traveling group and leave Russia when they leave. No research; no
write-up for Belarus sig.

Meanwhile, I'm hooked and shall re-join sig after I return. For a
month, my internet/Email at home is out.

I learned that my grandfather migrated >from Vitebsk to "Zapadnaja"
(probably east of contemporary Velikije Luki, which is on the Russian
side of the Belarus border, north of Vitebsk). I learned that his
surname was Kliasin or Klissen, & probable first name Dovid-Rubin, and
he was the descendant of rabbis for several generations, a few in
Vitebsk. In Russia he was rabbi & shokhet & managed a farm.

When I'm back home in mid-October, I'll figure out how to tune back in
and communicate on the sig. Meanwhile, I'll be glad to promise my $5
for the Vitebsk yiskor book search, but don't know to whom this IOU
should be addressed.

If you have responses that you want to send pronto to get it off your
mind, you may use the following E-dress and I will pick up that mail
upon my return and maybe sooner: leen

Thanks again. Das vedanya, Lee

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