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Hi, I'm presently seeking help to make a family tree for my two children,
Mathieu and Andri SLATKIN (ZLATKIN). If anybody can give me information
about the Zlatkin ancestors, I'd greatly appreciate it. So Here's what
I've been able to find out about this branch of our family :
The Zlatkin Family

1.Boris Zlatkin, born in the late 1800's Pskov, Belorussia (Belarus).
He married Zosha Opatovski in the early 1900's in Pskov, Belorussia.
He was killed during the Russian Revolution in 1905.
His wife : Zosha OPATOWSKI, left Belorussia after her husband Boris was
killed. She moved to Lodz
Poland with her son, one year old Roman. She had to place her baby in an
orphanage in order to survive. She eventually remarried to a KREGER. She
had one more son and two daughters. She got her oldest son Roman out of
the orphanage when he was ten years old, nine years after putting him
there. Except for her first son Roman Zlatkin, all of her other children
died in the Holocaust.

2.Roman Zlatkin, born in 1904 in Pskov-Belorussia (Belorus). He moved
with his mother as a one years old to Lodz Poland during the
Russian Revolution in 1905. He was placed in an orphanage up on his
arrival in Poland, until he was ten years old and his mother came back for
In 1922, he was 18 years old and he married for the first time with Debra
Linda LECHYSKI. After three years, he divorced and married another woman
who gave him a boy named Abraham and a girl named Edja (Edna).
Just before the second world war started up, he remarried Debra Linda
Lechyski, with whom he had two sons, Jerry Sr. Zlatkin and Ralph Zlatkin.
Debra Linda was killed in the gaz chambers during the Holocaust.
Roman went to the concentration camps during the second world war and he
was the only survivor of his family, except for his two sons >from the first
marriage, Jerry Sr. And Ralph.
After the war he reunited with his two living sons and came to America.
They came to Montrial.
In Montrial, he remarried for the fourth time with a woman named Holla?
He died in 1978 in Montrial. Holla died in 1984 in Montrial.
2.(the wife) Debra Linda Lechyski was born in Zychlin Poland, she had one
brother and four sisters. They were all killed during the second world
war. Her father was Syndey Lechyski and her mother was Jennifer ASH.
Jennifer's brother was the famous writer Sholim ASH. The brother and 4
sisters of Debra Linda and their familes were all killed during the second
world war.

3.Jerry (Joseph) Zlatkin, was born in 1927 in Zychlin Poland. His brother
Ralph was born in 1924. They both survived the concentration camps and
immigrated to America with there father, Roman Zlatkin. Jerry married
Ethel? After the war and had one daughter with her named Debbie Zlatkin.
He divorced Ethel and remarried Huguette POITRAS >from St-Andri, N.-B.
Canada. He had one son with his second wife and the child was named Jerry
Slatkin Jr. The name Zlatkin was modified to Slatkin by this generation.

4.Jerry Slatkin Jr, born on the 18th of april 1964, he married Carole
Michaud , on 13th of october 1984, in Grand-Falls, N.-B. Together they had
two sons, Andri(1984) and Mathieu Slatkin (1988). He divorced Carole in
1988, and married Ginette Lague, in 1992, in Montrial Canada. He has one
daughter with his second wife , the child is named Zoi Slatkin.

If you have information about these family members please e-mail me at :
Thanks in advance,,,,,Carole Michaud

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