Continuing Abeles Saga #austria-czech


On Jan 24th, in response to my query, Celia Male wrote about Abraham, the
oldest son of Jehuda Abeles: "I investigated Chiesch in the ***Elbogen Kreis***
just now - and lo and behold: we find the right Abraham ABERLES [sic] . . .
Abraham is married to Judith and has a son Samuel. . ."

On there is a listing for a Theresa ABELES, b. 1893 in Chiesch.
I tracked down her family and found that there was a Samuel ABELES who
married Michelle UTITZ of Prague and they had 3 children in the 1820's. Their
only son was Israel, b. 182? and d. Nov 30, 1894. He had a son Max, b. Nov 21,
1865 in Chiesch who married Dorothea ASCHENBRENNER and they had 7 children.
The oldest was Theresa, who had 7 younger brothers, some of them born in

I expect to learn more; perhaps this is a connection and not just wishful
thinking. Thanks to Celia for the Chiesch clue.

Susan L. Lubow
Morristown, NJ

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