A very big dilemma #general


I have a very frustrating situation and would appreciate any and all opinions.
My ggrandfather, Isaac DUNITZ first shows up in the 1905 census as Ike
He is Ike Denitz in the 1910 census, Israel Dunetz in 1915, Isadore Dunitz in
1920 census,and Isaac Doonatz in the 1925 census.
He stated all along that he came to the U.S. in 1898. His wife, Chane came
with 4 children in July 1904. She was listed on the manifest as Chane
Donetz....meeting Itzig Dunetz.
I have checked the Passenger Arrivals and cannot find his arrival.
I have tried to find him in the 1900 Soundex census.
I have tried the NYC street directory 1901-1902, 1904.

I have checked under all possible spellings including Diamond...which is the
surname that Chane (who later became Anna) died under, and the surname that my
grandmother, Yetta used later in her life.
I don't know if he died under Dunetz, Dunitz, etc....or Diamond like Anna.

I am now thinking that perhaps the family surname was not Dunetz, etc......but
a longer name which was shortened upon arrival at Ellis Island.
I have Anna's burial at Mt. Zion but no Isaac, Ike, etc.
Any suggestions and help would be greatly appreciated.

Meryl Persky
Calabasas, Ca.

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