WEB sites translating letters into Spanish #general

Jose Gutstein <jmg-miami@...>

Being fluent in Spanish, I should caution that such literal translations
sometimes result in very unusual language, to say the least, though I
realize such a Web Site feature IS certainly better than nothing.

I tried the Web Site Stephen Mednick mentioned (see below) using the English
text that he wrote in the posting. The result was a Spanish translation
that, though understandable (especially since I had read the English version
and knew what to expect), produced some strange phrasing and grammar. It
takes words and produces a literal translation, instead of taking phrases at
a time. Spanish doesn't lend itself to such literal translations.

But like I said before, it does at least produce a result that is readable,
though I caution, not in all cases, depending on the intricacy of the
original English text.

Jose Gutstein

Stephen Mednick wrote:

Thanks very much to Ricki Zunk who put me onto a very useful web site to
help achieve my objective listed below.

The web location is the AltaVista Translations facility and the web
address is http://babelfish.altavista.digital.com/cgi-bin/translate? At
this site you can enter text in one language and it will translate it
into another for you. With reference to the letter I wanted to mail, I
cut the text >from the WORD document and pasted it into the text box at
the web site and hit the translate button. After the translated text
appeared, I highlighted the text and hit COPY and then using a new WORD
document pasted the translated text into until I eventually had
constructed the letter I wanted written in Spanish.

The translation facility supports a number of popular languages.

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