Re: Der Israelit Newspaper #general

Paula Eisenstein Baker <eisenbak@...>

Dear Claude and all:

The Leo Baeck Institute in NY might have this publication: as of 1996, the
librarian's name there was Spencer Scott, the e-mail address for the library
was <lbil@...>, and their address was 123 East 73 Street, NY, NY
10021 (sorry I don't have a phone number).

Note that LBI is one of the four institutions that will be part of the new
Center for Jewish History in NY, and they may have already packed much of
their material for the move. But you might be able to learn something about
their holdings.

Good luck.

Paula Eisenstein Baker
Houston, TX

Claude M. Oulman wrote:

from 1860 to 1938 "Der Israelit" was published in Frankfurt. I
understand it was a major newspaper for observant Jews. Does anyone
out there in JGland know if there is a US library housing this
publication? Of course,I am hoping for a fully indexed set of papers!

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