online nightmare: bounced mail #general

james gross <larklane@...>

It appears to be a recurring theme to have a 6, 8 or 12 month
message and TRY to contact the author... oops! They've
disconnected their e-mail service and you have a bounced e-mail.
Try being a nice person and throw a message on jewishgen or
dejanews so someone, like me, can find you. Dropping e-mail
service seems to be the most definite event since taxes. Hey, it
happens. You found a better price. Ok. But how about letting us
know?And, what smart person(s) are listing only their e-mail
addresses in the JGFF?


James H. Gross
Cherry Hill, N.J.
e-mail: larklane@...
Gross-Steinberg Family Tree

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