London wedding circa 1890 #general

David Gordon <dgordon@...>

My ggf, Lazar (Louis) GORDON, was born in Kaunas (?) around 1866. He
emigrated to England at some later date, but whether he did so with any
family or alone is unknown. His first child, Nathan, was born in London
in 1893 as were all but the last two of his children. >from this I
surmise that he was married in London, probably sometime between
1890-92. His wife, Bluma (Flora) LEVIN was also >from Kaunas so it is,
unfortunately, also possible that they were married before they
emigrated. However, working on the assumption that they were married in
London, is there any way at all of determining (or to search) which shul
they were married in? Please reply privately--unless this seems likely
to be of broader interest.
David Gordon
Chicago, Illinois
HORWITZ: Smolevichi, Lapichi, Bobruisk?, GORDON: Kaunas (or Vilnius?)
GEBALOVITCH: Borisov, LEVIN: Kaunas, DRAZIN: Bobruisk

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