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Stephen Mednick <cssaus@...>

There was a book published earlier this year called "J.F.S. The history
of the Jews' Free School, London since 1732" written by Dr Gerry Black.

To help you or anyone else who is interested in obtaining a copy, it was
published by:

Tymsder Publishing
P.O. Box 16039
England NW3 6WL
Tel/Fax: +44-171-372-9015

The ISBN Hardback # is 0953110419 and for the paperback, the number is

Stephen Mednick
Sydney, Australia

MEDNICK (Kalius,UKR & London,ENG)
SACHS/SACKS (Kalius,UKR & London,ENG)

I have been doing research on my mother's family, the CAPLINs, and a
new-found cousin gave me some interesting information. He
told me that my grandfather and his brothers originally came from
Russia > (formerly spelled KAPLAN), and were brought to London, England
by the > Rothschild family. I just found information via the internet
saying that the Rothschild family helped fund the Jews' Free School.
They "provided immigrant children with a refuge and a means of escape
from poverty, educated them, anglicized them and sent them out to the
world fit to contribute to society."
Is anyone familiar with this organization? Do you know if there are
existing records that would help me with my research? >Thank you!
Jo Anne Kindler

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