Re: 2000 Census #galicia


I think genealogists better start objecting to the idea of a census poll
instead of an actual count. It is true most of us won't be around when
this census is released, but any of our descendants who wish to persue
their family's history will not have a census to help them. I know how
much the Census helped me get started in my searches and polls will
completely deny us this tool. I am aware of the political deviousness
behind the suggestion of not conducting a count, but as a family history
searcher, my reasons are more personal than political. I can't wait for
the 1930 census to be released in 4yrs to obtain more information about my
family, many of whom came after the 1920 census. I found out a great deal
of useful information >from various census' and would be sad if those in the
future won't have this.
KIPNIS - Bazar or Norodich(Ukr), Chicago
STEINMAN - Bazar, Norodich, Chicago
HOLTZMAN, HOLZMAN - Motol, Muttela (Blr), Chicago
GREENBERG(MELAMID) - Antopol(don't know which one) Chicago
MAIMAN - Bazar, Chicago

Sylvia Greenberg

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