Who is the SHAPIRO family associated with the First Burshivker?? #general


Dear Jewish Gendom,
As I was walking through Mt. Lebabon Cemetery in Brooklyn last week, on
my way to visit the grave of Pauline Shamis GOFF, half-sister of my great-
grandmother, Rachel BALINKY nee SHAMIS(OF), I spied an extremely interesting
all Hebrew matzeva for:
"Marat Gitel bat haRav HaTzaddik Rav Mordechai Shapiro"
As I read the Hebrew, it quickly became apparent that Gitel's father was
listed on her matzeva as the Admor >from Kaminker-Koretz, and it looked like he
was connected to the BESHT.
Lamed hay Resh"Tzadi Yud Samech Ayin Ha BESH"T"
{I took this to mean:
Nin for Neched l'Ha Rav Zeesah Ha Baal Shem Tov}
This matzeva also mentioned:
R' Pinchas Mi-Koretz,
R' Chaim Mi-Krasna,
R' Shmuel Mi-Kaminka,
R' Leibush Mem-Vav-Vav-Alef-Lamed-Alef-Tet-Shin-Yud-Samech-Kof.
According to the inscription on this matzeva, Gitel passed away 16th of
Elul, 5733.
Naturally, I felt I had to explore that First Burshivker Sick and
Benevolent Burial Society plot just a little bit more to see if there were any
additional graves connected to this illustrious Shapiro family.
Eventually, I did find a horizontal matzeva, faceted possibly to form a
mini-ohel shape, inscribed on both sides in Hebrew for
"HaAdmor Mordechai ben Moreinu HaGaon HaTzaddik
RABAD D'KK Burshivker Shlomoh Dov Shapiro"
This Rabbi Shapiro passed away Rosh Chodesh Sivan 5707.
When I went home, I tried looking up this family in The Unbroken Chain.
The closest I seem to come is the allusion to a Guttman-Shapiro family on
page 1184. However, I couldn't really tell who this family was...
I also tried looking this SHAPIRO family up in the 1971 Jewish
Encyclopedia, but, unfortunately, I struck out twice. First, it turns out that
my shul is missing the "S" volume in that series. Then, when I went to my
local library, and located the "S" volume, the 20 pivotal pages that would
cover all the Shapiros were inexplicably missing >from the volume!!
Can anyone out there in Jewish Gendom possibly enlighten me, and tell me
who this family was and is, and how it is related to the Baal Shem Tov??
Todah rabah in advance.
Shanah Tovah U-M'tukah 5759 to all
Judi Langer-Surnamer Caplan
Long Beach, NY

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