Re: Boston, Mass. Census #general

Alan Rosenfield <arosen@...>

When I was a boy in the Boston area (around 1940) a policeman came around
every year to take
a Census. If memory serves correctly, it was intended to find out whether
registered voters listed at the address were actually living there. So I
think that the list was turned over to the City Clerk, who maintains the
voter lists. When I came of age, I noticed that the name and address
of each voter was posted at the entrance to the polling place. Crooked
politicians would hire people to go >from precinct to precinct, check the
list, and cast votes for dead people and those out of town. When my father
returned in 1921 >from working in Warsaw for three years, he found that he had
never missed an election. Since I left Boston over thirty years ago, I
don't know what the procedure is now.

As far as using your information is concerned, I recommend writing to the
City Clerk in Boston for a copy of the voter registration card for the
person that you are interested in. The ones I received >from Chelsea (same
County) contain address, birthplace, naturalization date and place. These
were >from the early 1900's. I don't remember what the cost was, somethinbg
like five dollars.

Many states, including Ohio, purge voter lists frequently. This is a great
loss to genealogy since voter registration cards contain a lot of valuable

Al Rosenfield
Columbus OH

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