Re: help with faulty URLs #general

Irene Newhouse <newhoir@...>

I recently tried to access several web sites that fellow Jewish Genners
In the first case, www.awf.wroc.pll/~romek/hobby/cmen.htm (jewish
cemeteries in Poland home page)...

This site worked about a year ago. It was only in Polish, but had some
very nice pictures. Around June I tried accessing again, to print some of
the pix & it was GONE. The web master at awf.wroc gave me Mr. Romek's
e-mail address, saying the site had been terminated. Mr. Romek wrote back
saying he'd had the cemetery site on space owned by his previous employer
& was looking for a new host. He has either not found one or given up on
the idea. Note that it was in a subdirectory labelled 'hobby'.

However, if you do a web search on Wroclaw, you should find another very
nice site that has a subsection of scanned old postcards >from Wroclaw,
though there's no specifically Jewish content.

Irene Newhouse

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