Re: 2000 Census #galicia

Cyril & Sandy Alberga <alberg1@...>

If you look at the proposals, no-one, as far as I know, is saying there
won't be a regular census with questions for all and sundry. What they
want to do is over and above the usual. After the regular forms are
returned (or perhaps at the same time) there would be a (if you will
pardon the expression) blitz of selected areas, with real live
enumerators going door to door and making return visits if nobody is
home the first time. Then, based on the difference in response between
the mail-in forms for the area and the in-person interviews, they would
adjust the population figures.

So, I don't think our children will have anything to worry about, as far
as seeing our names in the files.

Cyril N. Alberga

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