Re: 2000 Census #galicia

George Friedman

Written by Sylvia Greenberg :
I think genealogists better start objecting to the idea of a census poll
instead of an actual count. (SNIP)
Folks, if you want to take sides on an issue, get the facts straight.
Re. this particular issue, please note: NO ONE HAS SUGGESTED THAT AN
ACTUAL COUNT NOT BE TAKEN! The Census Bureau has proposed a statistical
addition to the actual count to catch at least the numbers of those
people who are known to be missed in every count. It would make the
total a more accurate reflection of the actual population, without in
the least measure decreasing the information available to genealogists
in 2072.

So be for or against the proposal on its merits, but please don't hold up
the straw man of loss of genealogical data. This won't happen.

George Friedman
Champaign, IL

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