Bohemia and Moravia searchers #general

Anne F. Lee <AnneLee1@...>

At the Jewish Genealogy Seminar in LA (July 1998) about 15 people who are
searching for family in Bohemia and Moravia got together to exchange
information. I want to thank Susan Boyer for helping me set up the meeting
in LA as well as all who came.

At this time we are setting up an e-mail only address list of all who are
searching in Bohemia/Moravia.

This will not be a formal SIG or moderated discussion group. Rather, I will
maintain a list of names and e-mail addresses which I will distribute to
everyone on the list on a periodic basis. Each person on the list will
then be responsbile for keeping the list so they themselves can send out
whatever messages/requests (about searching in the Bohemia/Moravia area)
they want to send to the others.

We invite anyone who is interested in Bohemia/Moravia to join us. Please
contact me.

Anne Feder Lee

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