Re: Hrubieszow Records #general


Dear Jewishgenners,

In message #2, Sept. 17, 1998, Barry Megdal announced the online
availability of some Hrubieszow records.

I am writing to inform those interested in such records that last spring
an Allen B. Haberberg, an American in Krakow, saved a collection of many
marriage and birth documents concerning Hrubieszow, Dubienka and
Grabowiec,>from what then seemed to be the imminent sale and probable dispersal
of the documents.

He had tried to elicit interest in these documents, by writing to the
Hrubieszow people he'd find through Jewishgen's message archives. He also
wrote to several libraries and institutions, which, if they responded at all,
asked him to donate the documents. So he ended up buying the collection
himself, even though he found it difficult to do so.

The last word I had >from Mr. Haberberg was that he hoped to get help in
putting the names into a database. If you want to know more about the
records, the progress he may have made in his self-imposed task, or want to
offer your assistance, write to him at:

Naomi Fatouros

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